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Keep your fasteners secure with washers for every job.

About Washers

Prevent threaded fasteners, such as screws or bolts, from loosening with washers from Zoro. Washers are typically thin metal, circular-shaped pieces with a hole in the middle. Before a screw, for example, is driven into a material, such as wood, a washer may be slipped onto the screw to distribute the load more evenly to help prevent damage to the material or loosening of the screw. Washers can also serve as spacers if your fastener is longer than the depth of your material, or to absorb vibration to reduce damage to an object. Shop our extensive selection of flat washers, belleville washers, wave washers, countersunk washers, spherical washers, and much more. You'll also find all the corresponding fasteners you need at everyday low prices at Zoro.