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Threadlockers and Gasket Sealants

Stop cracks, leaks, and corrosion with premium sealants and threadlockers.

About Threadlockers and Gasket Sealants

Stock up on gasket sealants and threadlockers for the toughest jobs, including products designed to prevent leaking and movement across many different materials and applications. Our wide variety of premium-quality threadlockers makes it easy to keep bolts and screws in place despite vibration and shifting temperatures that can lead to loosening, leaks, and corrosion. Whether you need a sealant that’s removable or permanent, we have the threadlocker for any application. You'll also find gasket sealants suitable for plumbers, architects, construction workers, carpenters, and mechanics that can be used with materials like wood, concrete and concrete joints, cars, asphalt, and metal roofs.